Thursday, 7 July 2016

1. Music written by the composer Khaèt Benjamin (Veniamïn) /Playlist in WAVE/

Benjamin (Veniamïn) Khaèt

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        In Windows 8-10, use the following directives-Sound: Playback: speakers/Headphones: Ownership: advanced
    Statistics: 24 bit, 192000 Hz (studio Quality )-Improvements: immediate Mode should be enabled: Environment
    /Setting: None/,Transposition,Equalizer, Equalization Loundness. Insert  the  audio  driver  HD Realtek: speaker
    Configuration: front  left and Front right / disabled / and Surround virtual / disabled /. Sound Effect: Equalizer-
    Reinforced, Cancellation of the voice /desabled/,Equalization, Loudness, Environment: No. Default. Format: 24
    bit,192000 Hz (quality studio). For Windows 7:Its Reading:Headphones-Default device:Properties:Booster basic
    disabled. Equalization sound level / enabled / - Parameters: Frequency : 83 Hz, the Level of the super amplifer.
    Advanced statistics: 2 - Channel, 24 bit, 192000 Hz  (studio Quality). Playlists in Wave for 337 minutes of these
    same 15 albums B.Khaèt’s in Bing.